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FEATURE REQUEST: Thread closing after specified duration

Guest adam_sh

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I'm a registered customer with a feature request:

Many of the problems I have in my forum are the result of newbies or spammers searching through the forum and replying to a hundred threads that are 2 years old. I called Invision support and they said the only option I have is to manually close every thread - this is just not an efficient way to accomplish this, with the traffic coming through my forum.

Please, implement the ability to close a thread after a specified date. Ideally this would be under the permissions or options of each forum. Something like:

Threads can be responded to within: [ ] days of last post

I would really like to see this feature implemented as soon as possible.


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Actually the feature, if im not mistaken, is a moderator option to close a specific topic after a certain amount of time. What he wants to do is after a thread has been under for a long time to prevent a member from replying to it.

I think if a feature is made that it shouldnt lock the topic but check the date of the last reply and display a warning "This topic is too old to post in" or something.

By the way, you can also crop the number of pages off (there's an option in admin CP). That way members arnt able to find them by going through the pages. Although im not sure about search...

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Thing about that is a topic that is locked is generally a topic that was closed because someone did something wrong. Closing the topic might seem a bit over the top... That's why I think it might be easier to check the date of the last reply and display an error message when someone attempts to reply to it.

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