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a few more suggestons.

Guest Sinistra

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I would like to suggest a few more things hopefuly to go into the next version ov IPB. I was loking rhough the latest vB version of what they are putting in 3.6. and would like to suggest atleast 3 of the many issues on the new vB release..

Signature upload
There is one for avatars so why not signatures lol. I think this would be a great feture to have on invision board.

Sig Limit per usergroup
This would allow the admin to set image sizes.
seperet option: allow userbars ( flash or GIF animiated)
seporat option: Test limits so say

Alow signatures for this group
if Yes this group will be allowed to upload a signature to the board or post their one

Allow Userbars for this group
If yes this will allow this group to use the userbar option of the board.

Sig dymention:
Set the file size and width and hight

Test limit
allow test in thie signature and how many charactors

Reason for editing posts for the mods and admins in quick edit and full edit
I saw a hack on Invisionize for this and throuth it should be a stander fetuere

PM Quota per usergroup

As an admin I get alot of PMs about bu reports and other issues. I think it would be a nide feture to have a PM Quota for each usergroup. this will help in the PM issue of running out of PM space without having to edit the setting globaly

PM Admin Override
this could allow the admin to PM someone even if that members PM box is full

Mass PM
well thats self explanitory

PM Notification option
Dean made a hack for this. you can ether have a Popup (new version of the PM script) or use the old school 2.0 popup

Im not saying its a BAD thing but Im not a real fan of popups XD

I think allowingmembers to choose how they get a PM notification would be a nice fetuer

BBCode in Quick reply and quick edit
this would help out alot for posting and post editing.

lol I go around my site thinking up new addons that would be cool..

Custom dropdown
this would be really helpful for those that install alot of mods this could be a standard fetuer to putsh all of the basic IPB links but the Search (which should have its own dropdown)

So think of it as a way to make the IPB version of the Quick Links

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