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"jump to" in css editor

Guest hope4peace

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Hi everyone, New here. Ive recently been put in charge of skinning issues (among other things) of a forum Im very devoted to. ANYWAYS...

My suggestion is this...

Is there any way possible to make a "jump to" feature in the css editor??? something similar to the "find where this is used" feature. Consisting of a drop down menu where you can choose a section of the css, and then when selected, you are automatically "snapped" to that section of the css. It would make it so much easier for those who have something they need to change, rather than us having to slowly scan the css to find what we're looking for.

This feature would be especially helpfull in the advanced css editor. But if you could also add it to the simple editor as well, that would also be very helpfull and appreciated.

Thank you :)

*~peace and love~*

*~Amanda Hope~*

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