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Update all RSS Imports should ignored disabled ones

Guest softwarenerd

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We use about 10 RSS Imports into our forum. We also have some that are not enabled. Sometimes these are in there simply because we might want to re-enable them and don't want to remove them and then add them back later.

1) Right now, one can manually import all, but this also imports the disabled ones. It would be nice to have another option that says: "Update All Enabled RSS Imports".

2) The other thing that would really help would be to say (for a particular feed), "RSS Item Creator is Forum Author", because we have some feeds like that. [Though, even better would be to be able to specify a list of Creator names and map them to Forum Member-names under which the new threads will be created.]

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Here's our situation: we have a few bloggers who post primarily on various blogs of their own. While they're "friends" of our forum and sometimes post there, they primarily post to their blogs. Also, they post some things to their blogs that aren't relevant to the topics addressed by the forum.

Ideally, we would have a way to bring each feed in (from their individual blogs), but there's no way to select what should be published and what should be filtered out. So, we use some filtering software (reBlog); but, in the process, we end up aggregating the feeds.

So, when we import that aggregated feed into IPB, we'd like to be able to assign the member (on the new topic) using the creator tag on the feed.

What I ended up doing is this: I created a simply PHP script that accepts a couple of parameters and uses those to filter the feed. Then, inside IPB, instead of setting up one incoming feed, I have set up multiple -- each with a different author. The URLs of each feed point to my little PHP filtering script, and pass a parameter with the author's name.

It would be nice if IPB had some way I could define a simple "filtering expression" (e.g. "Creator ='softwareNerd'), which would acheive the same purpose.

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