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New User email notification to root admin only AFTER user validates em

Guest hyperdrone

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In "Settings for group: Security and Privacy / Security [Managing Members]", I have set the following condition under New registration email validation:
"User then Admin Validation"

The instructions for this setting state that: "Make an administrator manually preview all new accounts or make new users validate their email address. If "User then Admin" validation is selected, the user receives a validation email. On successful user validation, the user is entered into the administration approval queue."

This is what I want to happen BUT I also want an email notification sent to the root administrator only AFTER the user successfully validates his/her email address.

I thought this would be achieved by checking the box: Get notified when a new user registers via email?
This will send an email to the root administrator when a new user successfully registers on the board.

Unfortunately this sends an email BEFORE successful user validation.

Hope Invision considers this in a new release.

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