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Suggestion: Improve the Ban Filters

Guest SnakEyez

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Currently I am using IPB 2.1.6 and I would really like to see some improvements for the ban filters.

For instance, in the Administrative Control Panel there should be a way to make a note next to the ban filter for admins to see so we can look at who is banning and why they are banning the individual.

Also when you click to edit a member and view all IP addresses from that member, there really should be a way to ban the member's multiple IP addresses from that point.

Finally, I do have one suggestion not related to the ban filters, but because I need it I would really like to see this happen in the next couple of releases. Is there anyway you guys can add the calendar to the ssi.php page? I really like using the ssi file for some included information on my site, but one feature that seems to be missing is the calendar. Also if there is a way to do this already and I am overlooking it please let me know because so far I have seen no responses on IPSbeyond to this issue in my thread.

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