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Again, and again, I am a fans of IPB, cause it is easy to mod, nice template, and powerful. I hope that vBulletin can totally be defeated by IPB, so here is my little suggestion that vB have and IPB don have ( others than that, IPB is 100% better than vB, like the PM attachment !!! )

1) change some template, make some auto dropdown menu. (more porffesional if it has ) - and must be 100% editable, like how to arrange those link...

2) and a small icon before the link of sub-forum, once there is a new posts, the icon will be blink (or something like that), if not, then it will be dull (or same thing like that)

3) Attachment control : each file typr has different file size limit
Demo : 29ak1.gif
Please note that this image is edited by me using photoshop just for example, there is no mods for this.

Thats all I can think.

Thank you. Hope that this feature is included in IPB 2.2

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