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Is this a bug? (Search Member in ACP by Member Group)

Guest UncleRubbe

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Hello :) this is my 2nd post here... i have discovered another thing in ACP that would be considered a "bug" but is not a "bug" (as programming error), i try to explain it:

When you are in ACP and use Manage Member and you search member by it's user group... you find only users that have that member group as primary member group!!

If an user is set as secondary group... he will not be listed between the search results... :(

Can you fix this "littlebug"? Thank You!

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It's much harder than you can imagine trying to figure the best way to show this without looking "ugly" or overboard. Especially given that many people don't use secondary groups and/or don't understand it - and that many people may not want users being able to view this information.

I haven't figured out how to best handle this yet.

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and that many people may not want [b]users[/b] being able to view this information.

Why show secondary groups in Public Member List? Excuse me... probably my english and speaking sux...

I try to explain it with images...

In my 1st post i have talked about Admin Search Member Tool...

this tool... that only admins can see

not this (that is public to everyone)

The point of question is that when I as Admin (and in my Admin CP) search a member by using "is in group..." tool... the tool gives me only member that are in PRIMARY group...

A Pratical Example:

I have 2 groups...

- Members: one master group for all users with a standard permission mask...
- Friends of Mine: a particolar group of accounts that have access to a special mask, they can see some forums that all humanity can't imagine... ( sounds a bit Blade Runner's huh? :D )

Now... almost all my boards accounts are flagged as Members, a small number of accounts are set as Primary Members, as secondary Friends of Mine... so they can view special forums cause they inherit Friends of Mine properties.......... ok

Some days have passed since i have put as secondary group "Friends of Mine" on a great number of accounts... yes i have make a lot of friends...

The number of "friends of mine" is so huge that i cant remember them all... i need to "make back simple members" some of them...

And is now that i go in Admin CP searching for "Friends of Mine" group... but... i have no result... cause search work only for PRIMARY group.. my friends are all sets as secondary.. and i can crash my head on my monitor :(

That's All Folks :D

It's a Poem :whistle:
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The search wouldn't be as bad.

Why is it any more difficult than reading off a member's permissions when they're browsing the forums etc?

I didn't say it was hard to find the data - it's hard to find a way to show the data so it makes sense (i.e., not just show them in the memberlist because their 'group' is still going to show their primary group) without cluttering the screen. I wouldn't want to add another column to show secondary groups for example.
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Perhaps have the results a little like this (but with different group images)?...


If the user belongs to several Secondary groups, just seperate them with a space or another line.

Then for the search just add a little part to search in either Primary/Secondary groups or both.

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Can't say I see anything wrong with that :thumbsup:
For explanation's purposes though, I suggest each secondary mgroup is put in gray and as a link to the corresponding mgroup, with the title attribute of the a tag as "Secondary Group". This way you can be sure people know what it is. :)

For the ACP search, the results could be shown as in oasiz's example except with the found secondary mgroup in red or bold....highlighted somehow so the results make sense.
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i really need a solution to this problem too... :(
I have ipb for a Sports club.
the primary group is members. (the group of people that are a member of the club!)
the secondary group is in wich team the members are.

user: John
Primary group: Member
Secondary group: A1

user: Smith
Primary group: Outsider
Secondary group:

i'd like my members to search for the secondary group, and for administration/maintance i'd like to search for a secondary group too.

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Strangely I might have an idea: Add small tabs to the member group page (index.php?act=members} One tab could hold the 'first' member group, second the second member group. Or could just add another group under the current group.

I'm horrible at drawing and the like . .

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