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Watermark Attached Images

Guest krocheck

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Will image watermarking (when members upload an image) ever be part of IP Board?

I have always had a mod installed but I find nothing on IPS Beyond and only an old outdated on one Invisionize. I then scowered the web and still found nothing of any consequence.

The Invision upload feature has gotten so advanced that I am wondering if we will ever see a watermark option. So basically all we would have to do is drop our watermark PNG in a specified folder and the script would do the rest.

Since I am having such a hard time finding anything, I thought I would ask here to see it as a feature request for the future.

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I'll never, EVER use a forum if they watermark their images. Please don't add this, or at LEAST make it a group option!

You wouldnt want some one copying photos of your forum members and taking the credit or using it illegally....

But yes let there be an option for the uploader if he want to water mark his uploads or not.
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