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Ban Methods

Guest Mark

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I am sure you all know that there is no complete way to ban a member, however, I would like to put forward the suggestion to ban a member with a cookie.

This is capable on PHPBB and I think it is a very useful way to ban, because....

When a member account is banned, they get the standard "you do not have permission to view this board" message.
Now surely they just click "log out" and re-register? Well that was fixed with the devious "This menu has been disabled". So they're stuffed?



All you do is point your browser to the log out path and viola, you're a guest.

Well, my suggestion is when they get the banned message a cookie sets so they can't log out. Sure, they can clear their cookies or use a different computer, but it should stop some of the spammers filtering through.

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If you have spammer at that level, you should just block their access to your website.

That's my point. There is no way to do that.

That is a good idea, however, it becomes a problem if there's two users who share a computer.

The same problem lies with an IP ban.
That is why on my site if two members use the same computer I make it very clear they should inform the staff so that we don't end up banning them both should one of them get out of hand.
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