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Failover option for ext auth modules

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When using an ext auth module in a corporate environment, or similar organisation where an authoritative master data source exists that holds staff/user records, the IPB board should have a failover option, so that the external datasource is queried first for log-in information, and if it fails (e.g. because it can't be looked up for technical reasons) then the internal database is referenced.

Summarising.... existing options are
internal, then external {on-fail}
external only {passthrough}

external, then internal (failover}

This would be a more appropriate choice for environments where the board is restricted entirely or predominantly to employess/members of that organisation, and the corporate LDAP/AD directory is the master authoritative datasource for that organisation

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I will bring this suggestion back up to the top.

We used the internal database since we have the Forum and want to change it to AD now. First problem is, we can't change all members on the same time because, AD members are using mostly different login names. Also, not all members can be added to the AD now. They will get added later or never. Our AD forces each user to change their passwords after 90 days so, on fail will give them the chance to use 2 passwords which is against security rules. PassThru makes it impossible to use it for non AD members.

So, it will be a good feature :shifty:

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Uh, no you weren't? The login manager feature was introduced in 2.1 - there's no way you were waiting since 1.3 for this suggestion to get implemented. ;)

We don't generally change features in minor point releases (the last number) - these releases are generally reserved for bug fixes.

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