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Change password & email from UserCP

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When using external authentication modules, and one uses an external url for password maintenance, clicking change email or change password both take the user out to the external url for authentication maintenance.

For corporate installations of IPS that would use an external auth module, one can certainly say that password maintenance will be external, but this is not necessarily true for email address.
Note that this is consistent with any new user chosing an email address for use on the forum - there is no necessity for it to be the corporate email address for the user (and it would only be a 1:1 relationship IF the LDAP or external module actually got the users email address from the LDAP database - and this is not part of the current external auth modules (tho it might be useful!)

So could the "change email address" option from the userCP be set from the ADminCP auth modules as a separate action, i.e. same idea as external url for password, but if empty would just default back to the internal module for changing email address.

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