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User Permissions etc

Guest William R

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Yes we all have user group permissions etc. But what about "User Permissions"?

Example -

You go to the permission section >> User Permissions >> Enter User name

Then permissions like this would come up (for example, you would have sections like "PM Permissions", "Post Permissions" "Profile Permissions" etc etc

Then you would click on one of them and permissions like

"Can post in forum" >>>>>> Yes No (tick)
"Can use signature"
"Can download files"

and a thousand other permissions.

This would be perfect if IPB had this.

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Though not permissions for users there would be some for admins and moderators. Control how much of an admin panel this admin can see, for example if he can alter user settings, start up forums, ban people, can see logs etc. if your the head admin of the board, you should know everyones permissions. And you're going to give everyone different permissions. Personally I think this is a good idea. Well thats just me.

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You can already control the administrator control panel access to your admins with the ACP Restrictions on the main tab.

You can control moderator permissions per-moderator per-forum.

You can control some of the per-user permissions in the ACP as well.

I'm not sure what specifically you are suggesting that isn't already available. :unsure:

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You don't have as much control over individual members as you do over groups. For example, you couldn't set these for an individual member unless you made them their own group:

Can view board? Yes No
Can view OFFLINE board? Yes No
Can view member profiles and the member list? Yes No
Can view other members topics? Yes No
Can use search? Yes No

(as far as I know anyway)

It would be nice to be able to override a member's group permissions and set other permissions specific to that member.

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