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Guest Logan

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I'd really like more detail in the online list and user's profiles.

- Which member's profile somebody is viewing.
- Making a new post tells which topic they are posting in, as well as the forum.
- Making a new topic says they are actually making a new topic.
- Making a new poll says they are actually making a new poll.
- Printing a topic tells which topic they are printing.
- Reporting a post
- Reading the guidelines
- If a mod/admin is warning a user say that, but not the member.


Yes there is a mod for 2.0 which does this but I think it'd be a really good default feature. Well, not really a feature moreless an "improvement".

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Yes I agree, but the others are really needed.

I don't like seeing "Active in forum: $forum", I'd really like to see if they're posting a new topic, if a new post in which topic in which forum, also if they're making a new poll. Stuff like that, it's just additional information available that would be neat to have.

Especially if they're reading the board guidelines, you'd be able to know if people actually read them! :P

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Just make sure that all of these have an "off" button in the admin CP. Some people would find these too creepy.

If there were more options to limit these to certain groups of your choosing, that might also be good.
Like say for example, your moderating team. To get an idea of what troublemakers are up to.

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