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NEED an easier way to moderate uploaded images

Guest aoLhaTer

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My forum is based on uploaded images and its a royal pain in the ass to moderate images

Say I want to delete only two pictures in a users post. I have to click to enlarge one of the pictures, then record its filename, then go and enlarge the 2nd picture and record that ones filename, then i have toedit the topic, then search and find those specific images, then choose to remove them. Now if the image wasnt resized...well Im screwed because Ill never know which image it was since I cant know the real filename; all I get is something like post-x-xxxxxxxxx.jpg
Id really like an easier way. An interface to delete images right in the topic would be great. I imagine something like this:


Im in desperate need of this

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I think it would be neat to have the thumbnails (really small, maybe like 80x80) shown on the submission form.

However, I do think if your site largely depends upon images, you might be better of using Gallery, which is designed for that sort of image management. :)

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