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Kinda like on the Nintendo forums, there would be a arrow button on the right, and you click it, and where the floated threads are, it would be there, but only for you, it would be so much easyers to find threads you like, so you dont have to bookmark them or surch for them alot :) please , i beg you people to do this :D

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You should ask at IPSBeyond, if your a customer you will have no problem doing this, perhaps somebody will help you there.

I will save a moderator the trouble:

[color="red"][b]This forum is for suggestions and ideas. To maintain organization, technical support topics posted here will be locked and removed. To receive technical support please utilize the client area to submit a support ticket. For informal, customer-to-customer assistance, consider using IPS Beyond.[/b][/color]

You even get the red text!
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