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Edit posts in locked threads?

Guest dyelton

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This is not currently possible (that I'm aware of) and was asked by one of our moderators:

"Is there some way to allow moderators to post in / edit posts in locked threads in their respective forums? I locked up a topic that was spiraling out of control. I then had to unlock it for 30 seconds to add onto my post stating WHY it was locked, and in those 30 seconds, more posts started coming in.

I would really like the ability to leave a thread locked, and still post a message to it."

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I think (thought?) this is allowed for admins already. I know I can edit locked topics.

It is allowed for admins. I'm requesting that moderators have access to edit a post that is locked in the forum that they moderator. Currently this is not possible. Seems like it should be.
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