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More useful 'mini profile' fields

Guest //Nathan

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Honestly, who cares about member number? Some people care about join date and post count, but how important are these really?

Why not trade them for age, gender, and country (reserving the Location for something more local). I realize there are mods to do this, but I think forums with these mods installed look and feel better.

The mini profile should tell you a little more about the person, at a glance, than they do now.

I think, at least, country should be a required field. Knowing some people here are from the UK greatly explains some posts that don't make any sense to me as an American. I see they're British - OK, that answers it. I don't mean to sound prejudiced, but there's a lot going on over there that we have no idea about over here - and probably vice versa.

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All of the fields that you are talking about are not default fields for members to fill in, in IPB. Sure, you can create them as custom profile fields, but not everyone needs or wants that information.

It could be possible I suppose to pull custom profile fields to the mini profile..

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