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re-setting password email delay

Guest xe-cute

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i'm posting this here as can't access my client centre area as after 6hrs and 2 attempts i still have not recieved my re-setted password to get into it.

are you lot on strike or something?

is the automated system down/broken?

Yup it is my own fault for forgetting it in the 1st place (it was unique to IPB for security reasons, also hence why i have forgot it myself, Doh...i know... i really do), also for promising my staff and peeps that the work would be done today to upgrade the forums.

I can't do anything untill i get into my client area to get the update.

*me crosses fingers and hope email arrives soon with reset password for client area from IPB*

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Considering your forum account is in no way tied to your client center access....I cannot even tell who you are. ;) Thus, I can't go in and take a look or anything like that.

If you can provide me your client center email/ID#, and/or your board url I can try to login and take a look at your account.

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