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Inline subtitle editing

Guest Exiled

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I note that the inline title editing feature doesn't allow inline subtitle editing. On my board, at least, this greatly limited its usefulness.

I would also like to see in-line topic editing added as an option in the User Group settings. If it's there, I can't find it.

One possible application: if there's a time limit imposed on user post editing, the user can still change the subtitle to indicate progress/status changes in the thread.

Sure, the moderator can do it for them, but since our members are accustomed to using subtitle edits, they would probably make more requests than most. On our board we recently had problems with a few problem members making changes in their old posts (e.g. adding obscene attachments), which were not seen for a long time. Changes in titles/subtitles are much more visible to the moderator, and don't pose as much of a risk.

We're looking at other ways to block those problem members and their proxy-duals anyway. Shame they have to mess things up for everyone

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