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Use IPD-style interface for IPB 3.0

Guest Kman_

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Use IPD-style interface for IPB 3.0 Options

Not just the design, but the whole folder dragging and dropping thing. It will make tasks such as forum management much easier to handle and really push IPB ahead of the league for forum software. :)

My vision for Invision: IPB should be designed for ease of use while allowing for a lot of features. Make every task easy and hassle-free, but provide a wealth of options in the process (but not to the extent where it becomes bloated with useless features). Skinning is one area that I think needs more focus on in terms of ease of use.
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And speaking of ease of use, why not implement AJAX in new areas as well. For example, how about allowing the name of a forum to be changed without reloading the page (in the admin cp) (similar to changing topic titles on the board)?

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