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Who's Chatting Display in 2.1.3

Guest jucs

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First, background:


Today, my forums are basically offline again due to the index.php not loading because of the Who's Chatting display and the chat server being offline.

There is NO reason for the chat server and this one line of display should prevent the loading of the index.php. No reason.

It should display "chat server offline" or something like that. Not bring down the whole forum load.

My suggestion, if it's not already in 2.1.3, prevent this from occuring. Pretty stupid that it does right now. I guess very stupid. Not just pretty stupid.

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IPB does support PHP 4.4.1.

I am use IPB 1.3.1,
it is not support PHP 4.4.1

I coming here to see any update for IPB 1.3.1 to support PHP 4.4.1
I have not money for upgrade to IPB 2.1.x
what I can do ? convert to other board :( I like IPB

So, I need help if the support IPB 1.3.1 is stop.

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