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Couple of ideas

Guest Dlf

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  • Custom User groups in ACP - This would show custom made user groups of the ACP. Those that an admin made, apart from the default made. I think this would be nice to differ between default made and custom made (though yes I do know of the descriptiion at the top of the screen).
    • Public (Joinable) custom user groups - Unless i'm mistaken Matt said a feature of 3.0(.0) would be similar to one of PHPBB, cutom joinable user groups. This would show what groups people can join.

    • Days Registered - This would make it so anyone has been on the board (had an account) for x days can move to {group}
    • Posts - Like above, but this time you need x amount of posts to join [yes I know it's already there but could be joined with the above. has to have account for x days and have x amount of days before they can be moved to another group (though promotion)

[*]Promotions Additions -
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I have a couple more to add. but not ACP features. Better search[ed] profiles. I just tried to find a topic that someone posted at TMM, but it was buried under alot of other topics. Suggestions:

  • When someone clicks profile options and clicks either find member's post or find member's topic they can choose what they want to search within the posts or topics. So in my case I could search for 'bump' or 'firefox' and it would find all matches with topics or posts by that member that have what I searched for. Make sense?
That's all that I can remember now. I am sure I had more but can't think of them right now. <_<
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