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Multi Admin option ... good idea

Guest The Hulk

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Hi all :)

my idea i dont know if it avalible in 2.1.x version or not :unsure:

i will discuss it :blush:

there is root admin also he can add another admins

but the root admin ( ID 1 & 2 ) can choose the ACP itmes which other admins can access it


Root admin can do any thing & modify permossion to the other admin to access selected items in ACP

as just can bulk mail or add affilite only,,,,,, etc :thumbsup:

or make 2 group of admin
first group is the root with full access on ACP

second group also admin but not have the full control on ACP & the root admin can control the itmes

which can access on it :whistle:

i hope that this option avalible in version 2.1.x


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I don't know about the times part, but I know [at least in 2.1.3] that if a [regular] administrator attempts to edit a root administrator, instead of the little Edit Profile, Change Password, etc... box dropping down, it just says something like You don't have permission to edit a root admin or something similar.

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