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A 'better' Components tutorial would be great

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The components tutorial at http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=191352 is very useful, but a little more information in it (or in the 'hello' files that ship with the product), would make it much easier for people to understand how to write fully integrated components. This in turn has the potential for adding value to the product much more quickly as component writers' learning curves would be significantly reduced.

In particular, it could be improved if:

  • components_public/hello.php produced output that was 'wrapped' with all the standard board headers and footers, instead of just a blank page
  • components_public/hello.php used a custom skin piece so that the code showed how to use your own skins
  • components_public/hello.php included some code that showed how to 'build' up a User CP form and action the results.
  • components_public/hello.php included some code to use any of the new APIs for forums/topics/posts and check permissions
  • components_acp/hello.php showed how to display a form in ACP (instead of just text), and how to handle the results of that form, including how to refresh the cache for the component.
  • components_acp/hello.php showed how to use a component specific ACP skin template.
  • A component specific language file was used.
Just my 2p worth. :)
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you get my vote :flowers:

some hints / best practices on how to create content would be cool. e.g. from creating own template bits and how to fill them with the data.

some word on what hooks are possible, what board-output can be modified with components (change topic view? profile-view? etc) and what cant be done.

more docs more fun :rolleyes:

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