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Choosing local time...

Guest Hercules

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Just a thought... why not make an image map of the 'world' and all you have to do, is click on a location you live in (ie, click on New York area) and it will change your daylight savings and local time for you?

I never liked going thru the list, and using a little DHTML you can make the mouse hover a layer when you go over a certain area listing cities that might be near where your cursor points. It's a little tedious to get done first shot, but won't take more than a day I imagine, and it will be a nice little touch taking up no extra overhead.

The dropdown can stay on the side as well.

Just my $.02 :)

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There's no reason something like this couldn't be added... or shouldn't. The drop-down list is kind of weak.

Also... How about letting admins change the server time? Mine's out by an hour, and every winter I have to choose one time zone out. During daylight savings I can select the right time zone, but have to leave daylight savings off. Or something like that. It's really strange... You ought to be able to roll back the time. The admin ought to be able to set the time (not just the zone, the admin ought to be able to sync it to work or home or whatever) and the users ought to be able to offset it in hours and minutes.

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