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I just pay for IBP license few hours ago.
I cant download and install my IBP .
This is the msg. I have got :

"Due to the recent release of updated products, the installs and upgrades department is experiencing heavy delays. Our normal time for an install or upgrade of a product is one to two business days but you may experience a delay of up to four business days for the rest of this week.
We apologize for the delays and appreciate your patience while our staff works through the requests."

Should I wait for FOUR days now just to download it ?
How I will know when the times comes to download ?
Do I need to download and then install or perhaps, IBP will install it for me ?

My English is poor, so I have missed somthing ???

Thanks for your help here.

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You need to click on the link to download IPB 2.1.3, not the request an upgrade section (as that sounds like it is what you are doing from your description).

I cant find anywhere to download. I log in. but the menu I have got looks like that :


Help desk is not answering, e-mail are bounce back to me with error "Unknown user: admin@ibforums.com"

I am surprize how I managed to pay so easy and fast, but from that point - NOTHING !

Hope you can help here.

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In the client center

Your purchases (then you will see a list of your purchases, probably only IPB)

Click on Invision Power Board

On that page, you have a section: Licence key and download (here you can download it)

Thanks a lot. So simple but yet...

Now it's working :)

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