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New Customer Satisfaction Suggestions

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I'd like to suggest that downloading the software after purchasing could be made much simpler and faster. For example today after purchasing I ended up in the cusomer central client location and after clicking the "Install and Upgrade" button I got some error message that they're experiencing problems and that it is being worked on. (and what if you don't know what the url is going to be yet how do you get the download link to show up etc..etc..)

And I didn't see a way to DELETE/KILL tickets you submitted. I usually answer my own questions after posting something so I figure if clients can quickly delete their own tickets IPBS would save a lot of time and effort.

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Yea, everything's been resolved for me, thanks.

Someone had said there's a way to resolve tickets but I couldn't find a way to mark tickets as 'resolved' from the customer control panel. If you simply reply to an email saying it's resolved, someone still has to read that and make sure close the right tickets.

Is there any kind of synchronization with handhelds, ie pocketPC, pdas etc?

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