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Give super-mods permission to see all skins

Guest c0nstantin3

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Hi, I really do hope this is the right place to put this...

I've just upgraded from a trial version of IPB to v2.1.2 and it's certainly different.

Anyway, I'm the co-admin but I take care of all the back-end fixes/technical things. For some reason the super-mods cannot see the hidden skins we have installed. The admins (3 in total) can see all of them, but our super-mods (5) can only see one from the drop-down list. There are some skins we don't want our regular members to see because they're still being customised but we would like for our super-mods to also see them for their input.

I'm not sure if there's something that the primary administrator has to turn on, I've seen that there are some things that even other co-admins do not have access to within the AdminCP.

I've searched for any similar threads about this but I didn't see any. If I missed it, my apologies.


-- c0nstantin3

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There is no built-in option to do this, but you can accomplish this with one quick file edit. Open sources/classes/class_display.php. Find:

				if ( $data['set_hidden'] and ! $this->ipsclass->member['g_access_cp'] )

Change to:

				if ( $data['set_hidden'] and ! $this->ipsclass->member['g_is_supmod'] )

Save and upload. :)

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Thanks for your response, FuSoYa. The super-mods can now see the other skins from the drop-down list.

However, they cannot use them. Sorry if I wasn't clear on my post. I really appreciate your help and response, worked very well. But I'd like for them to also use those hidden skins. When they select one hidden skin, it sends them back to the default skin.

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