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Upcoming Events enhancement needed

Guest Bud Huber

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I am now running version 2.1.3, and somewhere along the line the display of future events at the bottom of home page has changed when repeating events are included that they no longer display in chronological order.

Please fix this.

I had a ticket (Ticket: #231067), but they now say that I need to ask for an enchancement. And so here it is.

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Yes, I intend to look into this in a future release.
Currently all events are pulled into an array. They aren't sorted.
If you have a recurring event, it will pull all entries for it one after the other, without note for chronological order, simply because it loops over the recurring event and it's entries are put sequentially together in the array.

It probably won't be hard to add this though, as it would just be some sorting code in func_boardstats.php

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