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Clean topic Mod?

Guest ben_goten78

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Well, I searched through this forum and couldn't find anything related to this :( , so I'll post here. It probably has been suggested before, but I've never actually seen it anywhere; neither has my forums' IPB techy-type-person.

Basically, I suggest a "select all posts" feature applied to each topic, that would check all posts (except the title post) for bulk moderation. It could be in the "options" drop down list at the top of each topic, or down by the "with selected (0) button. Either that, or set it as a "Clean topic" moderation.

It'd be really helpful, as in the course of my daily moderating, I tend to find that I'm using the bulk moderation feature to do over 3/4 of the pages actual posts; and when topics get over 20 pages long... it takes ages.

If there is actually a mod for this already, would you please direct me to it?


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