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Better "edit" permissions

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In the last version (2.0) of Invision Board users were able to edit their posts as long as the setting for that group was enabled. Now, if a specific sub forum is set to not take replies (even if they can post a thread) they will not be able to edit their own posts.

I have a couple of sub forums in my forum that are specifically for users to post a topic which is not for discussions, yet they now cannot edit their posts and this is causing a problem for me. Now I have a choice of either removing those folders, enabling discussions in them or have to run around editing users posts as they request because they can edit at any other place but not there anymore.

A staff member at IPS said they changed how it worked because for example people were complaining for there was a forum for post archives, users would be able to go back and edit the posts which defeated the purpose of that folder.

Why can't there be better edit permissions so the user of a board can define exactly who can edit what and where when it comes down to members editing their posts posts? I thought a natural place for that would be in the forum permission masks settings. I think it's crazy to assume just because a folder is set to not allow responses but new topics only that the forum admin wouldn't want the users to edit the topics they post there.

I find it rather frustrating.

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One of the boards I run is for my EverQuest guild. We have a RaNt On! forum and a Recruiting section in which edits would be a bad thing. We ask that people post and stand by what they post.

I thought a natural place for that would be in the forum permission masks settings.

This would be AWESOME. Specifiying the forums in which someone would have editing permission would be a great update/upgrade/addition.

In order to stop random editing simply because someone didn't like a response they got, we had to allow editing for only the first X minutes (for spelling and other little edits). Anything after that time cannot be edited.

We don't like restricting all editing, but we don't really have any other way of doing it if we want to keep the integrity of certain areas. The comments (above posts) on the archives are an even better point, in my opinion, but I figured I would throw my situation out there, too.
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