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RTE Editor and Inputting ISO-8859-1 Characters

Guest K. T. Walrus

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It would be really nice if the RTE Editor had a button that would popup a little table that would allow you to pick from the list of printable ISO-8859-1 characters to insert into current text.

That way, I could easily pick from the list the character ¼ (html code &#188) or a special letter like é (html code &#233) even if I don't know how to generate these characters using my keyboard or inputting the HTML code for the character.

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This would indeed be a good addition.

Although I know how to add such symbols and have told it several times, many of my forum's members don't know how it works.

BTW, does anyone know why the short cuts (ASCII) don't work with a laptop? I tried it very often, but nothing happens.

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