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Warning reasons for everybody to see

Guest eyedam

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I'm adding this as a modification for every upgrade on my board, and I think it would be a really useful option (not even a feature, just a simple option) for admin to set which member groups (or maybe just everybody) can see all other warnings' explanations/reasons (wouldn't affect the protected groups).

As I see it - that is, on my board, - the warning system becomes very useful only if members can learn from others' mistakes. If they see what the warnings are given for, they get more educated on what the rules are on the particular board. Also, they (at least a great part of them) want to evade the warnings if other members can read what they've done or have attempted to do.

Maybe there are systems/boards where the explanations are used for other reasons, but in our, and, I think, in a lot of other boards, this is the case.

Thank you!

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