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I need some help

Guest GameOver42

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Am I going to be able to click on "Your Purchases" and then click on "Invision Power Board Perpetual License" within the next 24 hours to activate my board? Because when I do it now it says there is an unpaid invoice. But under "Your invoices" it says that I paid. :unsure:

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Sorry, I'm just a little impatient. lol

Any help would be appreciated.

To prevent fraud they go make sure the purchase is legit. I am sure by Monday you should know something, so you know replying multiple times to yourself, doesn't get you a response faster.

In the future if you want faster response, you should contact their office directly.

Plus this isn't even a support forum, but a suggestion and ideas forum, so no wonder you didn't get a respons from a moderator/staff personal.
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