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Guest Dan

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Something that has bugged me for a while now is the fact that you have to check a box to get messages to appear in your Sent Messages folder. However, there's also a message tracker, which you have to (again) check a box to activate.

Would it not make more sense to either merge the two options into one function, by having the message tracker feature integrated into Sent Messages?

If not, as you have a second option with more detail (message tracker), could the Sent Messages option be enabled by default?

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I always forget to check the Save a copy of this message to my sent items folder box, and I like having copies of PMs that I send. >_< My mail program automatically saves a copy of anything I send to my Sent folder, I'd like to see IPB do this by default as well.

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Its a waste of space to save every message by default for every user on your forums. Most users do not want to save a copy over EVERY message sent. The few messages that you want to archive, you click "save copy to sent messages" and you are set to go.

It was a huge cluster when they changed it to default save and there were hacks put out to undo it. If you really feel the need to have ever message sent by every member saved (eating up their pm storage allocation) I am sure that you can find a hack for it at Invisionize or similar site.

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why get a modification? just skin the change in!

Navigate to the skin you are changing. Edit Template HTML.

Messenger-> send form footer


<input type="checkbox" name="add_sent" value="1" />&nbsp;<b>{ipb.lang['auto_sent_add']}</b>

(I think..something close to that, anyhow) replace with

<input type="checkbox" name="add_sent" value="yes" checked />&nbsp;<b>{ipb.lang['auto_sent_add']}</b>

and the box is automatically checked. if you want the tracker checked, I supposed you'd turn

<input type="checkbox" name="add_tracking" value="1" />&nbsp;<b>{ipb.lang['vm_track_msg']}</b>


<input type="checkbox" name="add_tracking" value="yes" checked />&nbsp;<b>{ipb.lang['vm_track_msg']}</b>

but that's just a guess.

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