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I really like the usergroups functionality they have on phpBB... it allows them to have a group leader who can accept or decline join requests and can kick people out of the usergroup and whatnot. They're basically little clubs, but I think the idea would be GREAT for some sites out there, especially big gaming sites with different clans/guilds and all...

If I recieve enough support that IPS actually decides to add this ability to the system, I would like to make a few suggestions for the new feature (very few):

I'd like to see the group leader have the ability to add custom titles to its members... doesn't have to be shown in the posts or whatever, but just something that can at least be seen on the usergroup overview screen. I'd also like to see custom permissions for each member OR custom title. These permission would only pertain to the usergroup itself and would have absolutely nothing to do with the board at all. Such permissions would be, for example, that the member can or cannot manage join requests, or can or cannot manage custom titles, etc.

I dunno, that's my rant. If anyone has any opinions about it, please dont be a stranger :)

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