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I dont' know about you guys but to me it would nice if some things could be sorted by just clicking the 'item' like in blogs.


So like "REPLIES, VIEWS, LAST POST". Same for some other places in the forum/ACP. Doesn't have to be a 3.0.0 feature; but probably a small feature for a security fix of 3.0.0.

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Didn't want to start another topic, but I came up with more ideas. More detailed Statistics.

From what I can see you can check from the day the forum was made, daily, weekly, monthly and sort up or down. But what about option to see what time of the day (say) topics got the most views? PM's, replies, new accounts? Also what about other graphs lie PIE, CHART, BAR {is that what's used now?}, etc? Wouldn't you want more variation in types of graphs you see?

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