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Personalize smilies, forums, etc...

Guest Hercules

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As a user, I'd like to be able to go into my control panel and see ALL available smilies and be able to choose the ones I want 'clickable' in the list. That way everybody who uses different smilies can see what they want instead of everybody having the same ones.

Secondly, I'd like to be able to disable forums entirely. So if I see some forums that take up space, I can just make them invisible with a click -- and the forum parent can say "4 Hidden Forums, Click to Display" or something like that. This way you can on the fly, view or hide forums.

Just some ideas :)

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Agreed on the forums part, as sometimes I would love to collapse forums with 10+ subforums (but they are needed, say, for country-based forums). If I didnt live in that country, collapsing that forum would help me scroll quicker.

The emoticon thing I could see being useful for many, but personally I like all my members to see the same ones, as they seem to be the most popular. But if this was implimented, I would definitly like a ACP option to disable it, but also ACP should be able to pick the order for all of them.

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