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"Sent Items" and "Inbox" put in language files

Guest -Blitz-

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I think you should put words "Inbox" and "sent Items" into language file, beacuse if someone want to chagne it must edit few files - "login_core.php", "func_usercp.php", "func_msg.php", "register.php" etc..

There is line :

		$this->ipsclass->DB->do_insert( 'member_extra', array( 'id' => $member_id, 'vdirs' => 'in:Inbox|sent:Sent Items' ) );

It is bad solution...

For me 120 $ is very much, I eran in Poland 200 $ per month (I must work hard for it)!


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I have to agree, it's a crying shame that you cannot change the name of the Inbox and Sent Items. I have a German forum, and while "Saved Items" is translatable and translated, Inbox and Sent Items is not.
I don't understand why they do one thing this way and the other thing another way. It's rediculous, I cannot understand why a software as advanced as IPB has to be so crappy in this thing and the way they format dates and times. It's such a shame.

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