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Admin note under member's profile

Guest RoninHBH

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I like the "Note" idea in ADMIN CP main page and in Users CP. But I would love to have that note for each and every member profile in Manage Members, so that admin can note what he knows about that particular member of his board.
When you go to Manage Members, you can search for members, and then when member list shows, it shows Members name, IP, email, join date, member's group and a note for admin. This note only shows to admin.
It would be nice if it shows in Forum Member List and in Member's profile too (ofcourse only admin can see it), but right now I need it in ACP - Manage Members.
Can someone plz make this mod for me ?
Matt plz ?
Maybe in future release then ?

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But I want a Note in ACP. under every member's profiles. Plus I want the Note mod which won't jump to next page after I edited

@Xenboy: I have done what you said, not very satisfied.
How do I add a new choice in CUSTOM PROFILE FIELD - Add new field, so that I can choose "Show in ACP - Member Profile?" Y/N ?

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