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Suggestion: Auto-Open/Close feature

Guest Ipstenu

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From my recent ticket (which was resolved within 3 working days! Thank you!)

In order for the feature to have any effect you must specify BOTH an open and close time. IPB is coded to verify the open time is less than the current time AND the close time is greater than the current time. When you specify no close time, it is a value of 0, and thus the close time is always less than the current time and the feature does not run.

The same principal applies to automatic opening of topics as well.

To me this seems a little counter intuitive. I want to be able to time the opening of a thread and to leave it open indefinitely. To have to fill out both when I only need one is extra work.

Also, if I set auto CLOSE, it works fine without the Auto OPEN.

I'd like to see the options for open/close to be independent of each other in a future release :)

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