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Demote user after x Days / Reputation System

Guest Motley

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We all know the stupidity of the vBites, and one of the main things keeping (some) from switching to IPB is the (My God) Reputation System, so IPS should make one for IPB, but More advanced and stylish than vBulletin's Rep Sys.

Another useful one is 'Demote user after 00 Days of Inactivity', like if said user hasn't posted or been online in 00 days they get demoted, I know I would put it to good use.

(replace 00 with number of days)

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I recall a mod that did something of the sort. It woudl automatically demote members to an inactive group after x days of inactivity. Once that user logged in again, they were automatically promoted back to full member status.

I, myself, am completely against having a built-in reputation system ... leave it as a mod.


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