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Inline links [BBCode]

Guest Fjoggen

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I would love to have the ablity to create links like:


which in html might look like this:

<a id="#postid_Download"></a>

This is something I have missed when I write long posts with sections of information; FAQ, list, etc.

Now ofcourse it is posible to make a new post for each section, but that breaks up the layout and if you would like to print this information outside of IPB a litle harder ( not dificult, but alitle more work..). Also if you have flooding controll user must wait before they can post the new section and others might therefore have posted and messed up the flow.

I had planed to make a hack for this, but I tought others might have the same needs so why not suggest it for future releases of this great software.


I have searched for this beacause i thought I had seen it posted before, but I couldn't find any thing with my different searh criterias.

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