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Use the option "Handwritten messages" in posts

Guest TWK

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Hi ,
When im at msn i sometimes try to explain something to some1 else by using the handwritten option in msn, i think its very handy especially when i speak to some1 that doesnt speak the same language as i do.

And lately ive been feeling the need to use this on my board and cos i dont feel like using paint evrytime and then upload the image, this option could become very handy.

Plz feel free to react and give ur opinions :)

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Sure it would... but it would be very complex. Limit the user to 1 color (black on white, or white on black), and have a Java or Flash based drawing app which would save to greysale PNG. Admins could limit the canvas size; even at liberal canvas sizes, the files would be pretty small.

As such, admins would want the ability to limit, by group, the permissions to use this option.

+1, though I wouldn't enable it personally.

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