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More depth to the admin restrictions

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I dont like giving admin to just anyone but on my board I made a group and just dont have time to keep up with it. I make a group leader gave him admin cp and then gave him restrictions to where he can only edit peoples profiles, But all he would have to do is register a new account and then make that account a regular admin and then he would have access to everything

my suggestion is to make more settings on the restrictions to where he can only edit people to be in certain member groups

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Unless someone from IPS can correct me on this....... this was a "bug" that was reported in one of the betas of the 2.1 line that was about this. The poster gave the scenario of a user having ACP access including restrictions, but he could create a member of the admin group and that member would have all access.

IPS responded and said the bug was fixed, and that it was added that the new user created by the Admin, who has restrictions, would inherit the same restrictions from the Admin who created the user.

So he still might be able to put them in the Admin group, but the new user would have the same restrictions as the Admin who added them.

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