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Yep, I know this will get pushed to the bottom of the pile, because it's a big forum, but...

With quick-edit becoming more promiment, would it not be good to have 'edit history' for a post -- that is, you can see the original post and all edits. For example, if a member posted something that was flaming another user, and then another member saw it, the only evidence you'd have (unless there's something I'm missing) is one user's word against another.

Just a suggestion. :)

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I thought about this b4 and I'd like to add somthing to it which is:

each time the post is edited, the post is copied and compared to the post after editing. the deleted things from the old one are colored (red, let's say) and the added things to the news post are colored also (blue, let's say)

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Very cool.

Perhaps mods/admins could see the tracked changes, or could turn it on with a click.

Or each post would have an edit logo and a number displayed. Edit your topic 6 times, and it displays a 7. Clicking a left arrow beside it would allow admins (or other groups given the permission) to see previous edits, all the way back to the original post.

But this suggestion begs a very important question. If I post something flaming someone else, and later regret it, shouldn't I be able to take it back? I don't practice flaming other members (computer programs, and occasionally operating systems, that's another story) but some people do, and I've seen people take back something they didn't mean... and I don't think their ability to should necessarily be removed.

So there's two sides to it.

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