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How about being able to set up your own forums as a member, similar to Lithium, IGN etc. The members could define their own rules and everything (they are basically an admin of their personal forum). This feature can be turned off of course.

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+1 if it has options to provide extreme limitations on the members, such as where, how many, can/not delete, etc.

Either that or as an add-on module, where to get to their "personal forums", you have to visit their profile or a link at the top, ala blogs/gallery, and then hunt them down.

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I wouldnt like this to be automatic, on an old forum that I adminned, we allowed members to create their own forums. They had to PM an admin and tell them what they wanted. Then (based on how much we trusted them), we gave them some moderator control over it.

If you don't want it, you can turn it off as I said in my first post.

I don't see any reason in not having it. It's like the bog except more advanced and you wouldn't have to pay extra. Plus you could have a top 10 list for personal forums.


Here I have mentioned something like sub-admin management I presume that he means something similar :)

That's basically what I mean. :)
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I feel, this is better off as a modification.

No, because it totally modifies the database and would impede when updating. I have seen that many suggestions ( I skip those not serious) are proposed to be left as mod.
Solely those suggestions that propose for ex. smilies/emoticons classification , some new user rangs, colors, skins; logging PMs etc - generally minor suggestions may be left as mods since they do not create much modification in database and if omitted by updating nothing happens you can always add these mods once again when there are updrade to newer version.
But adding new ACPas a mod for sub admins and creating database sectiuons for them is out of question. This feature must be included otherwise it will not work after upgrade.
In general judging the opinions of some, one should go back to 1.3 and consider everything that happen to present version as mods. for ex. multimoderation couild be a mod, WYSIWYG as a mod and I could name many others.
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These are my words on this issue

"Firstly, what is even more important is to insert two functions of and Main ADMINISTRATOR whose power would be over whole
forum and minor ADMINISTRATOR that would manage only certain subforum; f. ex. let us suppose that I manage many
groups of students. Each university/college could have their own administrator to change the graphics in their area
of forum to manage Moderators and so on Minor Aministrator ACP would have executions' limitations to one or several
subforums- Excelent when merging a couple of forums. No-one feels downgraded. This Administrator outside the manageable area would be avarage user with no privileges.
The Main Admibnistrator ,could of course, manage every nook of the whole forum board." Now you use how invaluable it is, Merging the forums or just wanting to add some functions to Globmoderators. :)
It is similar to phpbb BY PRZEMO (polish modification) function of adding junior admins but their ACP access cannot be restricted to several forums, and now in IPB it could be possible.

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I am going to give a big fat no to this one. There are several reasons for this ... the biggest one is that a minority of owners would use it.

I read the argument about the DB being changed because of installing the mod and then the inability to upgrade. As I see it now ... around 50% of mods have some sort of DB change or addition associated with them. Logically this would not even require any DB hacks, just a fancy form in a module and some special permissions configurations. The rest would be handled by the code already written by IPS.

Long and short ... I'm not sold and I don't think I will be. I won't use it ... leave it as a mod.


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