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Links Directory for IPB

Guest markber

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I need a Link Directory for my board where my members can post links, vote for them and post reviews.
An example of good Link Directory would be one that vBAdvanced offers for vBulletin board.
I think it is a shame that IPS does not offer its Top Site List anymore.

If you agree with me, "BUMP" this post to support this idea and make it clear for IPB designers that this is an important issue to address.

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Wouldn't it be better for either IPS or someone else to make this as a seperate module?

It is not really important to me whether it is a separate module or not. I want my visitors to be able to post links in the directory, rate them, psot reviews about links, and sort links by their rating (!) while they are logged in the board ( without having to use a separate username and password).
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Um ... they used to have this and then stopped development.


It was a wrong decision from my point of view. They had their reasons of course...

Anyway, I want to see Top Site List or its replacement to be offered by IPS again. I do not understand why it is so difficult to convert a board skin into a Top Site list skin. They have basically the same basic functions especially after IPS introduced topic (= site or = link) rating. The only thing that is not there yet is sorting topics (= sites or = links) by their rating.

If I can not find anything suitable for IPB, I will have to switch to vBulletin (not that I think that IPS is too concerned about possible loss of my yearly subscription fee... I just MUST have this feature integrated into my board).

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