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Suggetion: Allow users to 'ignore' forums

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Suggetion: Allow users to 'ignore' forums

I'd love to see an option in IPB to let users "disable" specific forums (Forumgroups or even subforums):
Users can hide parts of the board they never want to participate (like testing forums, offtopic, product-forums they don't need).

From my viewpoint:
The boards I visit (also non IPB driven) totally lack this feature. E.g. websites of gamepublishers or software vendors make 'view new posts' / 'view unanswered posts' in most cases unusable - too may results are shown that a user might noy be interested in or can't provide input to the community (unanswered posts).

Support forums of games for example a user doesn't play, chit-chat forums or softwarepackages they didn't buy are information which can improve a user's board-experience (Oh my.. so many posts).


- 'View new Posts' will have reduced output.
- Less 'overwhelming' board index and search results:
With this option search doesn't need manual selection a the 'Search Where' multiple selectbox. It would be preselected.

It would still be possible to add a link to the end of the search result stating:
"You are currently hiding 12 forums, click here to search across them aswell."

Currently (IBP 2.0+) the 'View new Posts' can be achieved by clicking on all blue icons on the left of the board index. They will all be marked as read. At bigger Boards however this consumes lots of time.
As for this very board here - I gave up using 'view new posts' but made 10 browser favorites for the forums I only want to read and post.

This could be achieved by:

- Multiple selectbox in UCP (ACP can hold a anti-list of forums not available for ignore)

- The collapse Button (to hide forums + subforums) also sets all topics withing to ingorelist.

- offer users to select pre-created permissionmasks (e.g. admins can offers users to subcribe to - say - four masks: the user picks the one(s) he wants. This one however could be very complex for administrators to maintain. Example:
[x] View IBP related Forums
[x] View Company Forums
[x] View Community Forums
[x] View Developlemt Forums


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if this is added make it so some forums can NOT be ignored by memebers. Like in the case of say a "RULES" forum the admin can set it so it can never be ignored by his/her memebers.


yes i like this but there should be an admin setting to allow which members and/or which groups can use this

I disagree. I see no point in letting some do it but not others, apart from your admins, who, if they ignore forums are not very good admins....

Also, some statistic generation would be nice with this. Just a thought. :)
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